Having family time with kids and teens? Vacation in Cancun that offers multiple family tours is the right choice for everyone. First – beautiful beaches, large swimming pools, but the most amazing thing about Mexican Caribbean is unbeatable Natural Parks with water attractions and different kind of activities to enjoy, explore and entertain. The travel time to activities depends which family resort you stay in Cancun. More about Family Resorts in Cancun is here.

What to take with you on a trip:
– biodegradable sunscreen
– water shoes
– bottles of water for your trip to the place of interest. Normally, you will have lunch at the restaurants there, and also can take bottles of water for your return trip. TipAsk your tour provider what is included in your tour package
– underwater camera. 90 species live in blue waters! Kids would love to share their best images with friends and teachers.



Time from Cancun Hotel Zone to Xel-Ha around 1hr 30 minutes.
Things to do in Xel-ha:

Cenote in Cancun

– snorkeling in the Caribbean and fresh water
– waterslides, 30m high
– activities in cave with Cenotea natural well
– cliff climb and jump down into blue water
– cross the river by walking between two ropes
– zip-lining
– fly over the river holding a rope
– relax in secluded place in the Bay of Caprice
– explore mangroves, unique forests by swimming through
Little kids can do water activities in Children’s World


Time from Cancun Hotel Zone to Xcaret is about 1 hour.
Why to go to Xcaret – one of the recommended family tours, great combination of culture, nature and water activities.
Things to do in Xcaret : 

Turtles to see, Riviera Maya, Xcaret
Marine Turtle
Explore Mayan Culture & Nature
– night show
– sacred Mayan journey in canoe
– archeological sites
– Mayan village
– museum of orchids
– butterfly pavilion
– natural lagoons and pools
-wine cellars with Mexican wine
-jaguar island

Swim with dolphins. Best things to do with children

Water activities
– ride with dolphins
– fast boat ride
– snorkeling
-meet stingrays
-meet marine turtles
-walk under water wearing breathing helmet
-snuba family (snorkeling with diving)
-swimming in Xcaret bay


 What is : one of the family tours to explore underwater through the glass walls of a boat. Famous for coral reefs and rich, colorful marine flora and fauna, the underwater world can be shown to kids without snorkeling or scuba diving.
How to book : the best way is to ask your tour provider or tour representatives in your hotel. All of them represent tour operators and have catalogs with tours and pictures that easy to chose and book.

See under water


 What is: Located in Hotel Cancun Zone, around 15 minutes drive from hotels. Show features life of pirates at the time of Columbus and the ship is an exact replica of Columbus Santa Maria boat.
Pirate ship show

Amusement and water VENTURA PARK with water slides 

Amusement park with water slides in Cancun

Where: around 20 minutes by car or bus from resorts in Hotel Zone.
What to expect: Ocean Front park with
– Dolphinaris
– Water slide Park
– Go-Kart Race tracks set close to the ocean
– Underworld with laser, Star Wars battle pod

– Bungee Jumping Stations
– Zip-lining
Food and Drinks: Multiple restaurants and bars in Ventura Park, see the list of eateries and bars  before going there.


Who is this attraction for:
visitors of any age would enjoy activities. It is a great opportunity for families with children to interact with nature without leaving the resort area.
What to do: Multiple species including fishes, mammals, reptiles are represented in aquarium. Activities include:
– interaction with dolphins and sea lions
– seeing stingrays at close distance
– observing more than 140 kind of Cancun native fish species
– getting to know turtles and crocodiles
– underwater walking