Cancun weather is more predictable than on any of the Caribbean Islands. Due to its location that close to the Yucatan peninsula, Cancun has less rainy days and the sun shine all year round. However, seasons will influence what to do in Cancun, which tours to book when travel with kids and when is the best season to celebrate wedding in Cancun.

December and January 

It is nice period to travel to Cancun for those who do not like hot weather. The temperature of air is going down and stay around 27C or 82F. Caribbean Sea in Cancun is around 25C and has warm and cool mix to enjoy swimming in natural salty waters. The sunset is about 6 pm. However, some high-rise resort buildings block the sun onto the beach area, leaving partially some areas under the sun till the 6 pm.

It is also good time to take activities in Cancun such as visiting Chichen Itza, one of the oldest Mayan city going back to 900 A.D.The way to Chichen Itza deeper in the Yucatan peninsula where it is much hotter than in Cancun itself.

Chichen Itza in winter

It is also a very good season for the wedding in Cancun. You and your guests will not be sweating on the beach and having heavy hangover the next day.

If you like water activities, it is better to do them around noon when water is warmer.

15 top things to do in Cancun among activities in December and January are:

  1. Play Golf in multiple golf courts (more about Golf in Cancun)
  2. Visit pre-hispanic City of Chichen Itza, UNESCO World Heritage
  3. Top Mayan ruins Tulum and Coba
  4. Camel Safari Rides on Maroma Beach
  5. ATV and jeep adventures in jungles
  6. Zip lining
  7. Sailing catamaran
  8. Riding wave runners
  9. Speed boats in the sea or mangroves
  10. Parasailing
  11. Shopping
  12. Tequila and organic cacao tasting (plaza La Isla has Ah Cacaco with a real organic chocolate and ice-cream. More about cafes in Cancun)
  13. Visit Cirque du Soleil
  14. Xcaret with many activities and night show
  15. Cozumel Island jeep adventures

In addition, visiting beautiful Isla de las Mujeres would allow you to play golf, exploring island by riding bicycles or doing kayaking.

What to take to Cancun in December and January

Christmas and New Year Eve in Cancun is exciting time for adult travelers and children alike. While you are packing your nice outfit, sunscreen might be out of sight. Therefore, sunscreen 30-40 SPF should be on your list among things to take on vacation. Additionally, after the New Year celebration that might take more than 1 day, electrolytes will help to stay hydrated and reduce headache or dizziness.

Another thing that you might need is enzymes for digestion. Food in Cancun resorts are overall of a good quality, however, your stomach perhaps will digest new ingredients and would appreciate a little help.

Water Reef shoes for some water activities or zip-lining should be in your suitcase if you are planning any water activities or zip-lining.

February and March

It is not a rainy season. Mostly, the weather in Cancun is nice and warm in February, with the temperature between 20 to 29 C. The sea is cool more than warm, but it is not cold for sure. Anyway, water in the resorts’ pools is normally pleasantly warm, so you will not be disappointed on that part.

What to know about Cancun in February and March is that sometimes the strong coldish wind blows for the entire week or two. It can happen in February, mostly in the second part of the month or even in March.

Some seaweed might be on the shore with seagulls sitting around. It is not that much seaweed comparing to Dominican Republic, it is still nice to walk along the long beach that might take hours.

The sun set is earlier and some resorts with tall buildings have little sun on the beach after 5 pm. So, plan to go to the SPA to relax and continue your evening out.

Considering the wind, the good sun protector and after the sun skin care products are essential. If you forgot to bring the sun care products, buy them in the Liverpool Duty free department store or the closest pharmacy. Many small pharmacies and stores are near almost each resort, close to the bus stations or in plaza Kukulcan or La Isla.

15 best things to do in Cancun would be the following:

  1. Visit Chichen Itza! It is the best time to go there
  2. Visit Mayan Ruins in Tulum and Coba
  3. Shopping. Cancun has awesome luxury and premium stores
  4. Visit Cozumel and Playa del Carmen
  5. Jeep adventures in Cozumel. Drive your car around Cozumel island
  6. Camel beach riding in Maroma
  7. Golf if it is not windy, the temperature is just right to play golf
  8. Zip-lining
  9. Safari in jungle
  10. Catamaran sailing
  11. Visit Cirque du Soleil
  12. Xcaret with many activities and night show
  13. Tequila and organic cacao tasting (plaza La Isla has Ah Cacaco with a real organic chocolate and ice-cream. More about cafes in Cancun)
  14. Have fun on Isla de las Mujeres with multiple activities: cycling, kayaking, golf
  15. Go out for dinner. Explore Best Cancun restaurants


April is a month when it is getting hotter. Actually, the second part of April can be even hot with a warm sea water, and all day sunshine.

Sometimes, April can have a rainy day that finishes fast. For sure, the sand and chaise longs are drying out very quickly, so at no time you can go back to the beach or the pool.

It is a beautiful month and even feels like a Caribbean spring. You can do many activities in April.

15 top activities to do in Cancun for adults and families:

  1. Visit Chichen Itza in the first part of April when it is not crazy hot!
  2. Visit Mayan Ruins in Tulum and Coba
  3. Time for  snorkeling! Go to Garrafon natural coral reef park for snorkeling
  4. Scuba diving. Take lessons in the resort pool and book your scuba
  5. Again. Visit Cozumel for scuba diving and snorkeling. One of the best area in the world
  6. Jeep adventures in Cozumel. Drive your car around Cozumel island
  7. Wave runners
  8. Speed boats
  9. XPLOR with zip-lining and cave
  10. Xcaret
  11. Xel-HA – kids favorite natural park with many activities
  12. Shopping. Cancun has awesome luxury and premium stores
  13. Catamaran Sailing
  14. Play Golf in the morning or late afternoon
  15. Visit Cirque du Soleil

More than 15 things you can do obviously.

Across the street of plaza Kukulcan shopping area, there is a tequila house where you can have tequila sampling and buy aged Mexican tequila.

Also, after dinner in the resort, take a bus or taxi to plaza La Isla, from 5 to 15 minutes from any resort in Cancun Hotel Zone. Premium brand stores and coffee shops with gelato and organic chocolate are open till 10pm every night.

The Mexican brand Ah Cacao carries organic cacao products such as chocolate, ice-cream, soap, shampoo and many others.

May, June, July

Hot months. Summer time has a humid and hot climate. The sun protector lotion should be of the  highest level starting from 50. Use aloe lotion after the sun to cool down the skin in the evening. Wear sunglasses and cover for head if you are really sensitive to the UV.

It is the best time to enjoy swimming in the sea water. It is the time when Cancun weather is warm and pleasant to get the most of water activities.

the sea in May, Cancun

If you go to Chichen Itza, be ready that it will be extremely hot like more than 40C. Must be on your list to take to Chichen Itza:

the sun protector cream 70SPF
UMBRELLA!!! long walk around Chichen Itza and stops near every ruin under the sun

15 top things to do in Cancun in summer time

  1. Snorkeling. Choose morning snorkeling
  2. Scuba diving
  3. XPLOR with zip lining and fresh water raft and caves exploring
  4. XEL-HA
  6. Aquarium in Cancun, plaza la Isla
  7. Water runners, sea doo
  8. Speed boats
  9. Shopping. Cancun has awesome luxury and premium stores
  10. Parasailing late in the afternoon
  11. Visit cafes in the evening to get some organic chocolate with cappuccino in the patio
  12. Visit Cirque du Soleil 
  13. Dining out in Cancun restaurants 
  14. Romantic dinner on the beach. Many resorts organize tables for 2
  15. After the sun SPA treatment

August, September

Hurricane and rain season. Hot in August, more shower rains can be in September, rarely longer than a couple of hours. The temperature more than 30C and sea water remains warm. Before purchasing vacation package, check the weather forecast in terms of hurricane or storms.

Anyways, it doesn’t mean that it would be stormy weather and if you are there, you will enjoy:

15 best things activities to do in Cancun in August, September would be the same as in June and July.

October and November 

The first part of October is still under hurricane season, it can be windy with some tropical rain. However, it is not often happened and in general, the weather is really pleasant for swimming in a warm sea or pool.

It is one of the best seasons to play golf in Cancun. Multiple resorts and clubs offer  this opportunity. More about this is  on our page dedicated to golf. You can start at 6:30 – 7 am to have 2 hours of golf prior t0 getting hot.

For activities it is a good season.

Cancun beach in October

Because it is not crowded and you can get better price for some tours, snorkeling or scuba diving in Cancun. Basically, you can do everything that you wouldn’t do in winter or summer. Cancun weather might be less unpredictable and sometimes the weather forecast mislead vacationers showing rain that is in fact, happening in Cancun city, not Hotel Zone.

Long morning or evening stroll will guarantee positive energy and remove mental or physical fatigue.

20 top things to do in Cancun in October and November

  1. Best season to play golf
  2. Snorkeling. Choose morning or afternoon snorkeling
  3. Best Scuba diving
  4. XPLOR with zip lining and fresh water raft and caves exploring
  5. XEL-HA
  7. Buy Cozumel tour with scuba or snorkeling. One of the best reefs in the world.
  8. Water activities near your resort
  9. Speed boats in the sea or mangroves. Check tours on Maroma beach or in lagoon
  10. Shopping. Cancun has awesome luxury and premium stores. Open till 10pm.
  11. Parasailing near  your resort. See more on our page about the tours
  12. Enjoy coffee, tea, ice-cream, organic chocolate or sorbet in coffee shops with the patio
  13. Visit Chichen Itza, Tulum and Coba.
  14. Go to Cirque du Soleil 
  15. Dining out in Cancun restaurants 
  16. Romantic dinner on the beach. Many resorts offer beautifully decorated tables with candle lit right on the beach
  17. Swim with dolphins in Aquarium
  18. Jungle Adventures
  19. Catamaran Sailing to the islands
  20. After the sun SPA treatment