Cancun Travel guides you through Cancun Hotel Zone All Inclusive and Non all inclusive hotels and resorts for families. Additionally, the site describes Best Adults Only Hotels and Resorts where adults can relax, have entertainment designed specifically for this type of vacationers.

Moreover, pages and posts provide detailed information of what to expect and do in Cancun in terms of tours, shopping and other relevant vacation information.

Cancun Hotel Zone is a narrow sandy area between the Caribbean Sea and Nichpute lagoon. The seaside has long sandy beaches with hotels and resorts having rooms overlooking both shore sides.

Reasons to spend vacations in Cancun:

  1. Proximity to the airport (from 5 to 30 minutes)
  2. Close to the best coral reefs
  3. MUSA underwater museum is nearby
  4. 10 – 15 minutes to shopping plazas, movie theatre, bests cafes and attractions
  5. Sea and lagoon view from all hotels
  6. Golf courses in Cancun built by professional golfers
  7. Duty free shopping for perfumes, cosmetics, men, women and kids clothing
  8. Luxury brand stores
  9. Night Clubs
  10. Shopping plazas have department stores: Kukulcan, plaza La Isla
  11. Bus around Hotel Zone costs around $1
  12. Pharmacies are nearby
  13. Multiple tour providers in hotels and nearby

It’s only a few reasons to come and have vacations in Cancun. But the most important one is you do not have to stay all days inside the resort! That is understandable that many of us are tired of the city buzz, but at the same time we love to be free in terms of choosing our own activities.

A movie theatre is on plaza La Isla, just 5 to 15 minutes from hotels and resorts. Normally, it runs all new movies and has few people sitting inside.

Whether you stay with your kids or having adults-only vacations, you can definitely have movie night and stop by at the best coffee shops in Cancun.

Shopping in Cancun is worth to bring extra money to pamper yourself. More about that on our page dedicated specifically to the stores.

Tours and water activities in Cancun can bring you back over and over again. We divided tours for families and adults only on separate pages in order to choose the program that suits to your party.

Some activities are not for kids like XPLOR, it is adult oriented jungle attraction with zip lining and rafting in the caves. However, if you have teens in the family, this tour would be FUN time for them.

Cancun offers many activities for families with kids. If you do not want to leave Cancun Hotel Zone, go to Aquarium that is on plaza La Isla that has many programs for children. Open until late evening.

Cancun Resorts and hotels have Acquaworld provider station near pools. Thus, they can give you a scuba lesson right in the pool.  In addition, you can purchase scuba diving lessons and have your first diving into MUSA, underwater museum of real size sculptures.

Water activities are available on the beach such as riding water runners or sea doo or taking parasailing.

Top dining restaurants page describes only the restaurants in Cancun Hotel Zone. You can walk or take a cab, bus to any of them. Fresh seafood, fish and good quality meat will add to your dining out experience.

Nichpute lagoon has crocodiles, so no SWIMMING in LAGOON.