Want to try best cigars? Need a cigar expert? Club that has a bar & cooled cigar room with multiple brands

Where to buy cigars in Cancun

Place #1 Cigar store “La Casa del Habano”


Location – near main shopping plazas Kukulcan and La Isla. It is 5 -10 minutes walking distance from All Inclusive Resorts  such as the Sandos, the Ritz Carlton, the Golden Parnassus, the JW Marriott, the Westin, the Live Aqua resorts or 5 min by Hotel Zone bus.

Cozy place with comfortable sofas and armchairs, cigar magazines and bar. It is a real gem in Hotel Zone to try and buy cigars with consultation by Cuban expert right there. It has a bar & cooled cigar room offers multiple brands and expert advice.

All cigars are stored at the right temperature in a cool cigar room to keep flavors, tobacco qualities and cigar shape as per brand traditions and requirements. Price depends whether you buy per items or a package. You can also buy cutter if you want to enjoy your cigars at the resort.

If you want to try your cigar, it is a really good place to have some cognac, whiskey, tequila, mojito or coffee with a good real cigar.

Staff is friendly and can provide with consultation.

Traditional Mexican outdoor patio with a few coffee tables to enjoy a cigar and drink outside.

Place #2 Cigar store, plaza La Isla

La Isla, Cancun

Another option to buy cigars is to go to plaza La Isla, the best shopping plaza with plenty of restaurants, malls and coffee shops.  There is a Cuban Cigar store that carries cigars and Cuban related souvenirs.

In addition, there  are restaurants nearby on plaza Kukulcan and Peruvian restaurant right above La casa del Habano. Moreover, tequila distillery store is located across la shopping plaza.

You will see local sellers on the beach carrying cigars from one resort to another. However, the quality is not the same and you might end up buying fake stuff.

Also, you need to consider the outside temperature that is almost always more than 30C, very hot to keep cigars at a right texture.